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    Check out What’s New and Known Issues for this version of Zimbra Collaboration below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forums, or file a bug in Bugzilla.
    If interested, please see the complete list of changes in this release in the next Table or click here to see the Bugzilla Report. »

    To upgrade to version 8.7 from ZCS 7.2.x or later, please check our upgrade documentation.

    For supported operating systems and browsers please check our supported systems documentation.

    What’s New
    Admin – Console
    82355 Search – Aliases count is not displayed
    95588 Change request for zimbraFeatureAdminMailEnabled to show all preferences
    98631 Two-factor auth: COS support
    98634 Two-factor auth: admin can set limit for one-time codes
    98635 Two-factor auth: app-specific passwords admin settings
    98636 Two-factor auth: COS support for app-specific passwords
    98637 Two-factor auth: view user status
    Admin – Server
    98632 Two-factor auth: admin can set as required
    98633 Two-factor auth: admin can reset for a user
    Admin – Utilities
    60008 zmdiaglog should add date/time of start/end to zmdiag.log
    75694 zmdiaglog file naming suggestion
    90266 zmdiaglog: add zmmytop and zminnotop output
    97603 Include a list of servers (zmdiaglog).
    102966 Add –optimize, -o to zmdbintegrityreport
    Calendar – Server
    71736 Export Calendar data with specified period
    Calendar – Web Client
    73344 Need additional fields to get displayed as search result for Calendar appointment
    84552 Support reminder “At time of event” i.e. 0 min before start time.
    97335 Accessibility for Calendar app
    Connector for Outlook
    91392 {L10N} Offer option to select languages not offered by Office in Zimbra ribbon
    96443 {TOOLS} Create a tool for configuring TestMode settings for use by dev and QA
    96782 {CONNECTION} ZCO should track and log total bytes sent/received to ZCS
    97494 {L10N} ZCO Support for Lao [Lo] Language
    101413 {DOCS} Change copyright info for ZCO to include Synacor
    101582 {OUTLOOK VERSIONS} Outlook 2016 support
    Contacts – Server
    48742 RFE: Find contacts by partial matches
    Contacts – Web Client
    72420 Can search by enterning ‘non-name’ data in the ‘name’ field.
    97334 Accessibility for Contacts app
    98963 Server attribute for UI tab key editor behavior
    EWS – Server
    95132 Signed/Encrypted emails appear as normal in MacOutlook
    95988 Calendar.app via EWS setup doesn’t work with ZCS Calendar (Epic)
    98235 Support for Office 2016 (Outlook) for Mac
    IMAP/POP Server
    6418 IMAP: hide or limit access to non-mail folders
    Install & Upgrade
    96110 Re-Packaging Phase 1 (Epic)
    96923 Make installer “Size error” more informative
    97440 Remove OLD zmexternaldirsync from ZimbraServer and ZimbraBuild/defs/coretargets.def (OSS and NE)
    97733 Add operation duration logging to OpenLDAP build
    97773 Upgrade to postfix 3.0 series
    77946 Notification message not written in Japanese.
    Localization (L10N)
    49680 [HE, IW] Add lang: Provide Hebrew Translation of ZWC UI
    96261 Add localization for Lao [Lo]
    96741 Localization updates: AjxMsg.properties
    Mail – MTA/Spam/Virus
    97802 RFE: LDAP attribute for postfix’ hopcount_limit
    103036 Request for postfix maximal_queue_lifetime support as Global/Server configuration
    Mail – Server
    75827 SPNEGO: support custom 401 error page
    84629 Enhancement request to add LC value for WAITSET_TIMEOUT
    90726 add pagination support for item deletes to SyncResponse
    96019 Sieve: provide option for case-sensitivity for backward compatibility
    97466 zmmboxsearch and zmarchivesearch -p and -l options makes no sense, they need to be rewritten
    99937 SyncResponse does not respect msgCutoff for conv data
    100317 Support delta sync maximum change limit through soap API.
    102028 Add individual message subjects to ZConversation.ZMessageSummary representation.
    75827 SPNEGO: support custom 401 error page
    Mail – Web Client
    16411 Bold parent folder name when subfolder contains unread mail
    35676 New Mail Notification – All Filtered Folders
    96142 Ensure that dialogs are accessible
    96143 Accessibility for message and confirmation dialogs
    96144 Accessible display of account name and quota
    101192 Disable links within spam
    97422 {PST}{ENG}{LOGGING} C++ layer function-trace logging
    97423 {PST}{ENG}{LOGGING} C# layer function-trace logging
    97424 {PST}{ENG}{LOGGING}{SUPERBUG} Implement ZCO-style function tracing logging
    97691 {PST} MigrationConsole output poorly formatted
    97795 {PST}{UI}{LOGGING} Improved MigrationWizard Logging Configuration controls
    97914 {PST}{UI} Reassess locations of Load and Save buttons
    97977 {PST} Remove “Verbose” log level checkbox
    98927 {PST}{APPT}{TZ} Migration needs to support start and end timezones
    99025 {PST} Eliminate migration’s reliance on OOM (allows migrate while Outlook running)
    100750 {EXCHANGE}{MEM} Reduce migration tool memory footprint
    100884 {EXCH} “No such item” errors in log when source account language doesn’t match LangID – Eliminate LangID
    101334 {EXCHANGE}{MEM} Enhance mimepp to store large strings in paging file
    101414 Migration: Change copyright info for all zimbra products, online help, docs and website to include Synacor
    Mobile – Touch Client
    94504 Link text for legacy mobile client should be improved
    99198 Two factor authentication: second factor for touch client
    Mobile – Zimbra Mobile Sync
    96192 Active Sync support for Windows 10
    100097 Active sync : Support reminder “At time of event” i.e. 0 min before start time.
    Conversion – Server
    95784 Unable to preview .ODT files through libreoffice
    Other – Server
    67735 Adding “zimbra-spam-report” to reported mail’s subject
    84194 Support 2-factor auth with TOTP
    96383 Add attribute to disable client-initiated SSL renegotiation
    97779 Support application specific passwords when multi-step authentication is enabled
    98315 “Trusted Devices” functionality for two-factor authentication
    99023 2FA: admin control to enable/disable two-factor auth feature
    99428 API to revoking access for an OAuth Consumer app
    99603 Soap API for GetScratchCodesRequest
    100253 API for fetching details of OAuth consumers/apps for an account
    100770 Allow configuration of multiple text extraction URLs
    104325 Protocol level Account lockout suppression after password change/ password expiry/ enabling 2FA.
    90820 LDAP timestamp attributes need millisecond resolution
    97031 zimbraCsrfTokenData cache inconsistency causes auth failure.
    Other – Web Client
    7958 Implement option in server to control “Stay Signed In”
    53647 List apps having OAuth access to an account and allow “revoke access” for an app
    66677 Out of Office – enable internal only reply
    77629 Different search queries for People search and address picker
    78227 Open folder as search
    95484 Support for IE12
    95862 Improve label for filter action that stops delivery of incoming msg
    97336 Accessibility for Preferences app
    98371 Support for Microsoft Edge browser
    98623 Web Client Two Factor Authentication (Epic)
    98624 Toggle two factor authentication in Preferences
    98625 Two factor authentication: second factor
    98626 Two-factor auth: generate an application code
    98628 Two-factor auth: trusted device
    98629 Two-factor auth: revoke trust
    98630 Two-factor auth: initial setup
    99458 Two-factor authentication: one-time codes
    101407 Ajax: Change copyright info for all zimbra products, online help, docs and website to include Synacor
    55152 Prevent access to Zimbra if source IP is not within sanctioned IP address range behind VPN
    102913 Multiple SSL domains on single server (SNI) for HTTPS connections
    Standard HTML Client
    96022 Issue with Standard HTML Client filter editor specifically for “Address in” filters
    Fixed Issues
    68445 After session timeout, username field appears disabled so user cannot sign back in Admin Console
    83352 Admin : wizard disappears when user tries to move it & leaves the screen locked
    84432 Admin console: Active sessions of the domain are not getting displayed at monitor > sever statistics
    84558 Changing a kerberos5 zimbraForeignPrincipal via the Admin GUI sets a wrong value
    91986 Performance:multi-domain admin: search dir is slow
    94164 Mailbox quota under does not show any information.
    94306 Clicking on backup in Admin console shows no data
    95360 Aggregate mta_count and mta_volume charts are not generated properly
    95434 Can’t set default COS for Domain in Admin GUI
    95450 Generate CSR fields are not added to CSR
    97316 membership in many domain admin DLs causes slow domain admin login and management access
    97469 crossmailbox / mailbox search in admin console limits still broken
    97470 admin console mailbox search doesn’t autocomplete/suggest for target mailbox account for search results
    97564 admin console restore – unable to restore individual accounts [sort of]
    97739 Admin console shows JS error on startup
    98026 Newly created cos does not appear at create account wizard and other such places
    98301 DoSFilter enabled throws server error to DA with membership in many domain admin DLs
    98487 Propensity for MTA globalConfig settings to contain empty values
    100237 Disable SHA1 like default option using the Admin Console to generate a CSR
    100755 Legacy PST import wizard is not getting downloaded from admin console
    100779 ReferenceError: appCtxt is not defined on major operations in Admin console.
    101913 Infinite loop of “Exception in launch(): no valid authtoken present” after reloading admin console
    102850 Grantee name is disabled while adding ACL in account/cos/domain
    103122 Delegated Admins not able to create new accounts when account limit per COS is set
    103927 Remove UI chat code from Admin console
    104000 Hitting keyboard escape key doesn’t discard any wizard/model dialogs
    104096 zimbraMtaDnsLookupsEnabled is deprecated, update console
    104400 Unable to install commercial certificate through Admin console UI
    104476 Any delegated admin can download current CSR
    104494 Cannot login to webclient/admin console after disabling csrf check
    104558 Not able to download CSR from non-mailbox node through admin UI
    Admin – Server
    88604 Delegate Admin is not allowed to add or edit ACLs
    96254 Delegate admin unable to edit accounts from other mailstore servers
    97150 Unable to rename dynamic DL, LDAP changes are skipped
    98270 zmzimletctl attempts to deploy/undeploy to non-mailbox servers
    104456 extension REST handlers are not protected by CSRF
    104481 Certificate Manager extension is broken in split UI mode
    104722 Split UI Setup: service.PROXY_ERROR is displaying by clicking on monitor tab
    Admin – Utilities
    84694 zmprov -l rd [rename domain] warning if domain is used in zmlocalconfig email address values
    89984 Proxy conf rewrite doesn’t happen after deleting server entries from ldap
    90072 DKIM entries can cause renaming domain to fail
    93226 zmcertmgr needs to be rewritten
    96185 zmserverips fail with openvpn on 8.0.8 and greater
    96324 Renaming a domain deletes all existing aliases to that domain
    97464 When ldap_common_require_tls is true, then zmcontrol breaks
    97981 zmdomaincertmgr deploycrts doesn’t overwrite expired or old certs
    98410 zmclientcertmgr fails to import
    102741 “zmcertmgr createcrt” is ignoring subject line
    102752 zmdiaglog command not working on current build
    102892 zmconfigd: Failure to rewrite salocal.cf.in correctly
    103110 wrong sendmail path in swatchdog_script
    103206 zmcontrol getEnabledServices() returns 1 on LDAP failure
    103241 zimbra_url parameter in saslauthd.conf has wrong port number
    103319 viewdeployedcrt does not work on non-mailbox node on upgraded installation
    103394 zmcertmgr validates any certificate with a key
    104087 logswatch doesn’t set from address when using system sendmail
    104424 zmmytop broken by repackaging
    AJAX Toolkit
    99969 JS error after accepting invite
    101508 Stack error in compose
    95314 Need to check code 24 for rsync exit value (Partial transfer due to vanished source files)
    97154 zmschedulebackup ignores zmbackup options in auto-grouped mode
    98229 mysql backup skipped when –mail-report option is enabled
    98526 Contacts within group are not saved with backup task
    98959 Backup reported as successful and redo log is purged even if an IOException occurred
    99152 zmpurgeoldmbox is not working
    103280 If the rsync fails the account is locked within cache until the mailboxdctl server is restarted
    103497 [RSYNC Failure] Implement mailbox unlocking for Flush Cache
    Briefcase – Server
    98806 External Briefcase Share Expiration is Permanent
    Briefcase – Web Client
    93366 Preview of deleted document is maintained in briefcase
    97916 Edit briefcase document, images are lost
    98957 Briefcase IE11: Delete confirmation screen is hidden behind preview of pdf, word,excel files
    Calendar – Server
    95987 CalDAV:Can’t create delegate from Apple Mac OSX Calendar using Calendar User Proxy Functionality
    101999 Organizer gets invite accepted/declined response from attendee although RSVP set to OFF
    102804 NPE in zmredodump at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.calendar.Invite.decodeMetadata(Invite.java:670)
    Calendar – Web Client
    91316 Calendar location truncated with room and phone number
    96593 Deleted location reappears due to java script issue
    96598 Public shared calendar can get private appointment view right.
    97170 Can’t stop dragging new appointment dialog
    98047 Users removed (Distribution List) when adding user to an appointment to a shared calendar
    99624 Script Error: t[o] is null if ‘Group Calendar’ feature is disabled for calendar
    99777 Script Error: e is undefined while creating appointment if zimbraFeatureGalEnabled is set to false
    100340 forwarding invite shows html source in meeting notes section
    100595 Browser gets crashed or refreshed while closing existing and creating new appointment.
    103157 Recurring appointment wrong start date
    103797 Description of a previous appointment comes up when changing mode from plain-text to html
    104312 Multi day all day events spanning 2 week views don’t render in week view on 2nd week
    104445 Appointment doesn’t display in work week view
    Connector for Outlook
    87969 {UX}{PROGRESS} ZCO progress indicator unreliable
    98255 {FREEBUSY}{STABILITY} Outlook 2010 crash viewing meeting request Scheduling tab
    98273 {WAITSETS} Waitset requests causing server load (prevent multiple WAITRQST threads)
    98761 {STABILITY} ZCO/Outlook crashes on first start after error message “Failed to get support object”
    100623 {CALENDAR} ZCO shows wrong “End by” date on recurrent daily series created with ZWC
    100650 {WIN10} Error using Windows 10, Office 2013 32bit and ZCO 1315 32bit
    101575 {AUTH} License error randomly pops-up , when users open Outlook.
    101624 {ENG}{STABILITY} Support object unavailable on first use of skeleton profile
    103701 {SHARING} Can’t soft delete items in shared folder
    103966 {AUTH} Unable to change password from ZCO (triggered due to ‘Must change password’ setting)
    Contacts – Server
    87376 Autocomplete does not show all results for e-mail address
    96753 GetDistributionListMembersRequest returning wrong members
    98176 FirstName and LastName of fullName is joined as fixed order in addMatchedContacts method
    99084 Create a contact using a simple inline vCard fails
    101419 Changes made in contact using ZWC are not propagated to ZCO
    103707 Email contacts are not get added even zimbraPrefAutoAddAddressEnabled set to TRUE.
    Contacts – Web Client
    99178 Error displayed in contact area: template ‘abook.Contacts#SplitView_content’: TypeError: e.encode is undefined
    99776 Can’t create a contacts with non-ASCII special characters
    100227 Contacts Alphabet-bar buttons are not working
    101453 Script error “Script Error: s is undefined” while editing existing contact or contact group.
    102522 Can’t move vertical sash position in Contacts view
    103396 External user Access >>External share for contacts folder is broken >> shows error Uncaught ReferenceError: ZmContactListController is not defined(
    103600 In Contacts app, “Empty Trash” might delete contents in the shared contacts not in Trash
    Data Source
    100896 Datasource IMAP Folder sync failed due to “Data too long for column ‘hash’ at row 1”
    101870 Server keeps CLOSE_WAIT for POPS connections
    91793 Performance: slow CountObjectRequest, the response time is linear to the # of domains the server has.
    EWS – Server
    102141 SPIKE: S/MIME support in MacOutlook – Fixed Issue
    88924 Issues with update/delete task reminder from MacOutlook
    92389 EWS: AbstractInvoker – Invocation without a binding operation.
    95510 All day appointments off by one day
    96029 Meeting invite forwarded from MacOutlook is not sent
    96161 Exchange to ZCS free busy lookup using availability service.
    96728 Responding to exception in MacOutlook fails
    97198 Reproducible crash in OS X Mail.app (New)
    97207 error sending mail (duplicates send)
    97597 Recurring meetings using outlook for mac trough EWS break in webclient for organiser
    98327 Outlook 2011 with EWS deletes shared contacts folder
    98667 Attachment missing in meeting invite created using MacOutlook
    99228 Calendar.app Error in Accept/decline
    99229 Calendar.app Accept/Decline of an instance from app accepts/declines whole series
    99230 Calendar.app: Mail Not sent to attendee when organiser deletes the appointment
    99234 Calendar.app: Reminder/Alert is missing
    99235 Calendar.app via EWS setup doesn’t work with ZCS Calendar
    99359 Shared Calendar events not shown in calendar app
    99594 Accessing message via EWS strips out MIME image data
    99642 new meeting requests not shown in Calendar app after user performs any operation on instance of a recurring meeting
    99773 calendar app : error in accepting invite of shared calendar
    99977 Calendar.app: Info in invite displayed with html tags
    100044 Calendar.app:duplicate instance created after modifying start time of an instance of a series
    100269 Calendar app: Organiser gets added in the attendee list when a meeting is updated from Calendar app
    100783 EWS Sharing – Emails not synced for Shared folder of user on different mailstore
    100789 EWS Calendar app not working if there are no items on account or only calendar items present in account.
    100864 All day appointment shown on next day in calendar.app
    100978 MacOutlook: All day events off by one day in case of event Accept/Declined from ZWC.
    101014 MacOutlook: Attachments getting duplicated when Organiser updates a Calendar event with attachment
    101031 EWS Contacts : On creating folder in Mac Contacts app, sends Contacts app in endless loop of sync
    101068 EWS : Time zone of event or meeting created on outlook or Calendar app gets modified after receiving response from server
    101113 Calendar App: Attachments shown disabled when received by Calendar app user
    101117 Calendar app: Entire series gets updated when oragniser updates time for one instance from Calendar app
    101176 Mavericks Cal app: Updating appointment end time changes timezone to GMT
    101183 Calendar app: last instance of recurring meeting gets deleted on refreshing the app after creating the meeting from app.
    101746 Outlook 2016: Auto Sync not working for Outook 2016
    101807 Deleting attachments changes time on mail to current time
    101863 MacOutlook: Mounting shared calendar does not pull the items within it.
    102364 EWS uses an old (deprecated?) CXF jar with known vulnerabilities
    103240 Plain text password captured in audit.log for failed auth event [CWE-533]
    103448 Appointments using OLK 2011 /EWS are showing GMT timezone.
    103548 Dogfood: High CPU on GetEvents from EWS while Initial Sync is ongoing.
    103612 AllDay appointments are shown one day ahead on Outlook
    103775 malformed appointment reminder causes excessive EWS logging that can fill the hard drive
    103820 Duplicate mail items getting stored in Sent folder on Mail app
    103904 Inbox flooding with Mail Undelivered mails
    103951 Yearly recurring appointment’s not syncing properly on Calendar app
    104102 Outlook 2016 Mac: All day appointment responded from Outlook 2016 appears 1 day behind scheduled date when viewed from web client
    104417 EWS sync leads to account lockout after change password/ password expiry/ 2Factor Enabled
    104447 EWS clients slamming proxy servers with repeated requests
    104566 EWS free/busy ignores timezone from request. result in incorrect /invalid free busy information in MergedOnlyView.
    104696 Appt deleted from iphone does not sync on Outlook
    104702 Reminder/Alert set for an appointment from EWS Client shows after the appointment has started on ZWC
    104710 Reminder pop up not displayed on EWS client when appointment created from ZWC
    104798 Remove the check for initial sync completion for updateItem
    IMAP/POP Server
    97697 Move imap “BAD parse error” to debug level logging vs warn
    100387 ServerThrottle memory bloat
    100507 Memory leak, Backup while IMAP connection is active
    85327 Unable to subscribe to IMAP folder with thunderbird
    Install & Upgrade
    91322 Installer does not preserve split mode of zimbra-store module between upgrades
    92158 basedir in file /opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf points to /opt/zimbra/mysql
    95200 Fix ldap replica support to honor multiple masters
    96857 MySQL meta files (pid file, socket, ..) should not be placed in db directory
    96920 Require proxy & memcached nodes exist prior to upgrading to ZCS 8.7
    97005 Installer defaults to marking vmware-ha as available for both FOSS & NE
    97032 Productize ZSS zimlet and jar for ZCS
    97267 Build MariaDB with required storage engines only
    97372 Installer license check should be done on any node [ldap master] in a multi-server environment
    97485 ServiceException: system failure: unable to get zimlet
    97501 Search error: Unable to determine enabled services from ldap error in installation log
    97635 ZCS open source license update for 8.7.0
    97654 Change copyright year to include 2016 for all zimbra code files
    97741 expected functionality for mailboxd_java_options changed after upgrade (-Dsun.net.inetaddr.ttl and -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack)
    97828 Update openid4java to 1.0.0
    98162 OpenCSV: ALv2 source code included in GPLv2
    98285 Can’t install Zimbra with a stray /etc/mysql/my.cnf
    98687 ldap fails to start on replica nodes
    99165 zmldapmmrtool -o rid -u -t off wipes out other replication agreements
    99286 noggit-0.7.jar is missing from zimbra-store package
    99616 Need to add zmconfigd support for syncprov session log
    99617 Installer must support configurable repository for 3rd party packages
    99735 Unexpected proxy configuration changes when adding an additional mailstore
    99850 purged_conversations and purged_messages tables not created under mboxgroup databases on upgrade
    100264 Validate LDAP upgrade checks works in multinode environment
    100443 Make openldap dh params (TLSDHParamFile) default to 2048
    100689 Need to depend on perl-core for zimbra-core on RHEL6/CentOS6
    100761 Upgrade to OpenJDK 8u66-b17 or later
    101054 Initial synchronization with master ldap server can be incomplete if slapd is restarted prior to sync completion
    101354 8.6.0 patch 1 installation error on FOSS
    101531 upgrade to Jetty 9.3.5
    101979 Upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.4.43
    102206 Re-Packaging Phase 1: Create zimbra-perl-base package
    102207 Re-Packaging Phase 1: Create zimbra-perl
    102208 Need policy/process for OpenJDK cacerts file
    102227 Patch java.commons.io for security exploit [CWE-502]
    102343 Move zimbra OSL to native package
    102356 Add commons-csv-1.2.jar to /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/com_zimbra_bulkprovision/
    102361 Need to yum clean the zimbra repo prior to install
    102366 Fix outdated hacks to /etc/sudoers
    102413 “/var/lib/dpkg/info/zimbra-ldap.postinst: line 29: local: can only be used in a function” error when installing zimbra through configuration file
    102416 Installation broken for RHEL/CentOS
    102434 Backup-restore operation broken
    102436 Re-Packaging Phase 1: perl Net-LibIDN
    102459 CentOS7/RHEL7 file conflicts between packages need fixing
    102614 Upgrade to openssl 1.0.1q
    102617 RHEL6: Upgrading server broken from 8.6 to 8.7
    102620 UBUNTU14: Installation broken due to “/var/lib/dpkg/info/zimbra-core.postinst: line 114: local: can only be used in a function – Failed to create tmpfile”
    102653 Need upgrade steps to clean up changes for new java location
    102659 postqueue -p doesn’t work due to latest changes of zimbra installation (missing in $PATH)
    102700 Cannot upgrade from 7.2.x, 8.0.x and 8.6.0. Getting license error
    102705 Upgrade from 7.2.7_GA_2942 to 8.7.0 failed
    102710 Installer fails to correctly populate cacerts in multinode installations without ldap present
    102725 Install and upgrade can fail due to faulty math
    102729 ucservices entry not reflected in LDAP after 7.2.7 to 8.7.0 upgrade
    102764 Upgrade to Net::DNS 1.04
    102775 Need to fix mysql.server checks
    102785 zmsetup.log is getting pruned from /opt/zimbra/log
    102820 Install fails due to invalid proxy configuration
    102832 zmconfigd has wrong path to postconf
    102833 Need to fix file permissions in postfix package
    102836 Patch script should not undeploy updated zimlets
    102840 zmstatctl mysql should exit if store is not installed
    102847 Upgrade from 8.5.1_GA to 8.7.0 failed
    102852 permissions incorrect on /opt/zimbra/common/conf for RHEL installations
    102865 Installation failed on CentOS/RHEL 7
    102872 localconfig.xml is modified by installer even if upgrade is aborted
    102876 JP Build failed with error “Inappropriate ioctl for device”
    102906 Build to build upgrade on multinode setup failing.
    102939 Installation failed on CentOS/RHEL 7 when setting “Use internal testing repo” to N
    102955 Unable to stop vmware-ha after upgrade from 8.5.0. or 8.5.1 to 8.7.0 for FOSS
    102964 Repackaging: zimbra-spamassassin-rules
    102970 Update platform override with new expectations
    102975 Fresh installation fails on node where only LDAP, MTA and Proxy is installed with error : “Installing MTA SSL certificates…failed.”
    103018 With 8.6 or later, no longer possible to move to NE from FOSS
    103024 Latest JP 8.7.0 build installation failed.
    103073 Missing dependencies for openid4java-1.0.0
    103078 Patch OpenLDAP build for ITS#8336
    103079 Upgrade to MariaDB 10.1.10
    103087 Make default value of ‘zimbraMailReferMode’ reverse-proxied
    103123 Add guice-2.0.jar to /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/openidconsumer
    103128 It is unsafe to use $releasever, as it can vary
    103143 Postconf generating invalid values for mynetworks
    103160 Mailstore upgrade failed from 860_GA
    103166 zmfixperms sets wrong permissions on data/amavisd/.spamassassin directory
    103207 zmsetup.pl does not honor the -h (help) command line argument
    103276 zmconvertdmod is busted when executed on a store node without LDAP
    103432 Unable to access UI after upgrade from 7.2.7 to 8.7.0
    103437 Package installation failure results in unrecoverable install/upgrade
    103481 MMR installation is broken on secondary node
    103561 Upgrade to openssl 1.0.1r
    103588 Upgrade to rsync 3.1.2
    103627 Uninstall does not remove dependent packages if primary package is not installed
    103803 Install default dhparam.pem file in LDAP for new installs and upgrades
    103833 Update installer to remove ability to disable proxy
    103834 Upgrade to OpenLDAP 2.4.44
    103835 Upgrade to PHP 5.6.18
    103844 Latest 8.7 build installation broken due to SSL zimbra-store certificate
    103900 Upgrade to OpenJDK 8u74
    103909 zmfixperms breaks mail delivery
    103919 Unable to install zimbra: Package not signed
    103955 Upgrades of OpenJDK package conflict with OpenJDK CA Certs package, causing update failure
    103968 Not able to access webclient through Google Chrome and IE on fresh installations
    104095 zmsetserver name references zimbraMtaAuthHost
    104130 Upgrade to openssl 1.0.2g
    104160 Upgrade postfix to 3.1.0
    104201 Ensure permissions on keystore are correct
    104224 Upgrade to unbound 1.5.8
    104225 Upgrade to MariaDB 10.1.12
    104226 Upgrade to ClamAV 0.99.1
    104304 Update ClamAV signature files
    104318 Add zmconfigd option to control OpenLDAP read transaction size in back-mdb
    104327 zmcertmgr createcrt -subjectAltNames does not work
    104345 “Verify return code: 19 (self signed certificate in certificate chain)” error seen for openssl s_client command
    104397 Upgrades remove zmbackup job after it is restored incorrectly with extra spaces
    104450 Unable to upgrade from 7.2.7 to 8.7.0 RC1
    104469 Upgrade to OpenJDK 8u77
    104496 2FA documents missing from NETWORK build
    104524 Proxy does not start when memcached is installed on another node
    104555 Unable to start TLS: Could not initialize TLS when connecting to ldap master
    104618 Install ZCS packages in a single transaction
    104672 upgrade from prior releases to 8.7.0 not detected.
    104788 Assertion failure due to a NULL search filter during 4-way MMR replication
    104793 postfix-logwatch package has incorrect version information
    104803 Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.2h
    104827 Only install signing key if it isn’t already present
    104911 Creation of limits file is broken on RHEL7
    105173 zimbraReverseProxyHttpEnabled, zimbraReverseProxyMailEnabled should not be deprecated
    105194 Patch openldap build for ITS#8432
    105295 Need to create master connection when ldap_starttls_supported is zero
    105399 Config files using DOS line endings break the installer
    103020 Indonesian translation not found
    103495 [JA] error message in create new folder/tag
    Localization (L10N)
    97982 [DE] Bad translation: “Alles leeren” and “Alle prÌ_fen”
    104241 Localize new keys NDA_MTA_Dns_*
    104377 Syntax error in TinyMCE Portuguese translation
    Mail – MTA/Spam/Virus
    96097 Upgrade to amavisd 2.10.1
    96408 zmtrainsa fails to update SA’s bayes_* DB; direct sa-learn is OK
    97619 ZCS’ postconf setting for ‘address_verify_map’ incorrectly references unsupported btree database type; FATAL to address verification
    97987 Amavis not starting ubuntu14
    98072 Move ldap-scm lookup from sender canonical maps to canonical maps
    98771 Enable DANE for SMTP client connections from postfix
    99495 Typo in attribute name: zimbraMtaStpdSoftErrorLimit
    99564 Provide the ability to set smtpd_tls_dh1024_param_file in the mta / postfix config
    99614 sasl auth needs to set X-Forwarded-For header in AuthRequest
    99920 zmconfigd stops amavis on config change if service antivirus is installed but not enabled
    100798 Email bounces due to charset issues with zimbra milter
    101271 Fix missing cbpadmin cleanup job
    102655 Mail delivery delayed (~15 sec)
    102762 zimbra-cyrus-sasl – Configuration of SASL Mechanisms
    102993 Provide originating client port number to SOAP AuthRequest when performing SASL Authentication
    103077 Investigate using File::LibMagic perl module for Amavis
    103369 Getting higher Error percentage with 8.7.0 as compared to 8.6.0
    104394 zimbraAmavisOutboundDisclaimersOnly not working in multi-server setup
    105191 MTA crontab has incorrect paths, breaking various functions
    Mail – Server
    74953 mail items deleted by IMAP and not expunged can cause performance issues
    90624 Autocomplete ranking does not display correct name
    90830 NPE if master LDAP is down and zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency expired
    95546 Cannot change theme colors via the Admin Console
    96954 Thread-Topic header exposes original message subject even if reply subject differs
    97002 Null pointer exception if X-Zimbra-Calendar-Intended-For account is not present.
    97332 Some clients require SSLv2Hello support: Mac Outlook 2011, Java 6 (Zimbra Desktop)
    97339 External Email Images Not Always Displaying Properly
    97467 zmmboxsearch zmarchivesearch -l does have a hard limit still – it’s 1000
    97498 Mail scheduled for delivery during zimbra downtime is never sent
    97570 Chinese font preference cannot be saved
    98079 Proxy error when deleting a mail in a shared folder using preauth.
    99515 Port conflict checking not done for some of the ports
    99726 DLs in BCC show up in the ‘Show Originals’, under the ‘X-Zimbra-DL’ header
    100016 NPE on SyncGalRequest if no datasource with correct zimbraGalType for domain’s zimbraGalMode exists
    100111 Bizarre change to name ordering since 8.7 push
    100857 UI split configuration doesn’t work (can’t login)
    100966 Not display message body in Outlook – display incomplete/cut
    101227 [Defanger] CPU load & latency when open mail with data:image/png:base64 inline image
    102716 Forwarding a msg in shared folder results in error “No such message exists. ‘
    102910 Inline attachment shows as an attachment in compose window.
    103097 “No such message exists” error when replying to a meeting request
    103158 Folder actions causing ‘Timer already cancelled’ error
    104453 invalid URI towards ipv6 only mailstore
    Mail – Web Client
    90522 Copying from Excel to Zimbra loses formatting
    93888 Pasting image from clipboard shows 1 or more attachments with useless names
    95917 Firefox hangs when pasting large images (screenshots full hd) directly into mail body
    96583 new message in an old conversation does not cause conversation expansion icon to appear
    96733 Draft count gets increase after clicking on Cancel from Reply/Fwd compose window.
    96756 In compose, cannot tab into body area
    96815 Copy/Paste of Excel/Word data results in image inserted into MIME
    96822 Can’t add Gmail account via IMAP
    96829 Copying excel sheet doesn’t show cell borders
    96907 Ctrl+A does not work on reading pane (Select All)
    97000 Replied/Fwd’ed message doesn’t get open in reading pane. shows error “s.innerText is undefined”
    97096 Duplicate image when attached to the message body
    97098 Replies to conversations with drafts should not quote the draft
    97241 Yen mark char is displayed as backslash char on signature editor with Plain Text mode on IE
    97251 Attached file with quotes and space in filename gets renamed in attachment
    97531 IE8 message preview , as one example, [ iframe issue] in conversation view only shows half of the text for html messages
    97552 Editor Won’t Accept Paste Image From Clipboard
    97667 Body text get disappeared while changing to format as Html
    97956 Firefox: first reply after login loses cursor focus
    97960 Delete button action loses message focus
    97994 Tab into body in Compose is inefficient
    98098 Draft message does not show the header values.
    98501 Script Error: msg.getAddress is not a function when using Group By, sorting by From in conversation mode
    98914 Can mount an External Account below an existing folder of wrong type
    98947 Error “TypeError: this._appViewMgr is undefined” while opening ‘Zimbra Keyboard shortcut dialog’ in new window.
    99597 Printing from ZWC cuts off text past window margins
    99804 Shows Script Error: this._itemsEl is null – Startup1_1_all.js:19629 while accepting shared folder.
    99821 Next conv not shown if expanded conv is moved via drag and drop
    99833 Script Error: Unable to get property ‘parentNode’ of undefined or null reference while click on Invite appointment email from other user
    99890 Attach Mail dialog shows option as ‘Show images in message body’
    100277 When composing is set to open in a new window, an appointment’s edited cancellation message is replaced by the original appointment description
    100675 [Safari] Attachment not added first time through
    100712 Cannot highlight text in Chrome and Firefox, in the main conversation mail
    100777 Contact picker does not show contacts
    100912 display broken for a particular message
    101080 Unable to retain the content while forwarding or replying
    101178 RPC cache error while Pressing SHIFT+O
    101612 Can’t compose email in New window. Shows TypeError: this.__currTabGroup is null
    101616 Can’t create mount point i.e Accepting share from New Window shows script error >>Script Error: DwtControl.ALL_BY_ID is null – NewWindow_1_all.js:11016
    101782 Search result window UI shows broken
    101819 Script Error: t.setText is not a function>> while expanding DL and pressing Escape key.
    102049 Script error (Cannot read property ‘contentType’ of undefined) when selecting message contains audio/wav content
    102052 Can’t read long message due to missing of “View entire message” link
    102346 line breaks lost when displaying invite having text context
    102466 Z displays emails in HTML even when told not to
    102475 JS error handling server exception
    102476 can not scroll horizontally to view the entire content in conv reading pane for some messages
    102584 Body content messed up after putting HTML table into message body
    102600 Typing “in:” in search input and pressing down arrow >> it opens Search menu list as well.
    102661 Script error: Cannot read property ‘width’ of null when opening invite
    102736 Opening composed message in new window loses attachment during in progress state of attaching file
    102745 Email Fwd’ing with ‘Include Original Message as an attachment’ option doesn’t working with web client.
    102938 “Script Error: this._autoSaveTimer is null ” >>while doing Edit Reply for actions like Accept/Decline/Tentative on any invitation email
    102958 IE8: AJAX UI broken, again
    103404 While doing forward conversation >> and opening in new window>> attachment shows missing.
    103901 message associated with modified invite not shown in conv view
    103903 Added attachment lost when reply/forward and selecting Include Original Message / Include Original as an attachment / Use Prefix / Include Headers option
    103943 Search filter shows no options in ZWC
    103950 Error: NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI while clicking Mark as Spam/UnSpam/Delete action from New window
    104040 Does not open ‘Folder Properties’ dialog if sharing is disabled.
    104237 Cleanup wording in 2FA help (properties) and URL for info on TOTP apps
    104245 2FA: When 2FA is required, user can still click “disable two-step authentication”
    104269 inline image not displayed when conv opened in new tab
    104334 Added attachment gets double while changing format as HTML or Plain text and saving draft.
    87565 {EXCHANGE} ZMT loses auth token, crashes
    98035 {PST}{APPT} Failed to open windowsZones.xml
    98233 Zimbra Console migration fails with an exception as ‰Û÷System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException‰Ûª.
    98861 {PST}{APPT}{TZ}Timezone errors in migration logs “### ERROR ### Failed to get std timezone name for @ Mapi.cpp#3920[Appt::GetTimezone()]”
    99098 {PST} Appt exceptions not migrating
    99102 {PST}{APPT}{TZ} Appt exceptions not migrating when series has explicit timezone
    100347 {EXCHANGE} Public folder items are not migrating from Exchange to Zimbra server
    103092 {PST} Some folders are not mapped correctly while migrating EXPORTED non-English pst.
    103265 {EXCHANGE} Crash when click “Preview” button on “Migrate” page
    103896 Migration tool should support Outlook 2016 platform
    103942 {EXCHANGE}{PUBLIC_FOLDERS}Exception encountered on premature exit from migration tool
    104586 PST to ZD Migration – No data is migrated
    104587 Email body text is duplicated after migration to Zimbra
    104634 {ZQF} ZMC hangs if specify no command line arguments
    104651 {PST} Choose profile dialog appears when Public Folders box ticked for User migration and cancelling it causes crash
    Mobile – Mobile HTML Client
    99083 Message “Error : 0” is displayed In Mobile HTML Client unexpectedly
    99598 Unexpected operations on Mobile Client with iOS
    100244 500- Internal Server Error while trying to login to mobile HTML client
    100389 Mobile HTML client broken – 404 error at a bunch of places
    101146 Mobile client shows 404 error at a lot of places if zimbraMailURL is set
    102684 Composed message is not sent and it is lost sometimes
    103154 df – clicking on compose button does not bring up the compose view
    103310 Any message can not list in message list view on HTML client (Standard/Mobile)
    Mobile – Zimbra Mobile Sync
    96192 ActiveSync support for windows 10.
    Mobile – Touch Client
    90018 sent message after editing a reply draft becomes a separate conversation
    94908 All messages in a conversation are marked as read when viewing the conversation even though unread messages are not expanded
    94957 noticeable lag when swiping to next/previous months
    96749 Message not loading in the right pane after switching the mail view to “Message View”
    96910 New mail is displayed twice in the message list view
    98367 Noticeable lag while entering and deleting text at compose section
    98522 Create new appointment button is not functional.
    99141 Accept/Decline/Tentative button are not functional at the invite mail.
    99176 Unusual scrolling at the new appointment page for date/time set.
    99629 Chrome: Contacts/calendar/mail folder are not displayed.
    100545 Time,date,calendar,repeat,calendar,display,reminder fields are not functional in new appointment.
    100629 Calendar section is displayed at the bottom on selecting any section(scrollable) at new event.
    101777 Create new event button is not functional.
    101858 touch client – unable to select text in a message
    Mobile – Zimbra Mobile Sync
    95798 Unable to view useful information from modified meetings
    96166 Imap delete leaves orphan item on device when dumpster is enabled.
    98393 Viewer can modify shared contacts via ActiveSync
    99649 ActiveSync mail sync issues/inconsistency
    100281 Deleted/canceled appts remain on calendar
    100377 Sync broken for nokia devices if there are tagged items.
    100572 iOS sync loses email
    101801 java.lang.Assertion error on custom recurring appt creation from iOS device causes device to resync Calendar
    101806 Sync not working in Push mode.
    102019 Calendar/Contacts/Tasks Sync not working in itemized mode, generates wrong sql queries.
    102084 Mail disappears from inbox on mobile if attachment is removed from web client
    102360 Appointments created by device can not be accepted by ZCO connector Due to missing RSVP statements
    102652 Response not received when invite created from Windows device since notifyOrg=False in mailbox.log
    102916 Yearly recurring appointments with no end date do not sync.
    103311 NoSuchItemException observed in sync log for SendMail command
    103705 Meeting invite attachments not viewable on iPhone device
    104003 Missing attachments in mail in IOS9.2
    104678 EAS user could not modify shared contact present on different mailstore.
    Offline – Web Client
    98891 Offline Client: shows error uncaught exception: AjxException and Message contents doesn’t show in reading pane
    100206 Offline broken/hang >> Shows script error “Script Error: too much recursion – Startup1_1_all.js:10003”
    101484 Offline broken/hang >> Shows NS_ERROR_FAILURE error
    102618 FF:Offline: Shows Script Error: Line: 1623 Error: NS_ERROR_FAILURE Stack: AjxLoader.load
    104401 Offline: FF : Tinymce editor failed to load in offline client after reload.
    Online Help
    98741 Admin console: help for rights is broken , 404 error
    Other – Server
    83029 Unable to rename a domain containing a resource
    88764 Failed to update password lockout attribute
    91009 Getting membership information for all groups is slow.
    96149 PurgeMovedMailboxRequest will not clean up blobs if they reside on HTTP store
    97031 zimbraCsrfTokenData cache inconsistency causes auth failure
    97743 membership in many domain admin DLs causes excessive LDAP searching and slow domain admin login and management access
    98619 ZSS – Saving an attachment with the same name updates the file version in ZSS.
    99019 change zimbraPrefTwoFactorAuthEnabled to zimbraTwoFactorAuthEnabled
    99061 Invalid authentication requests give NullPointerException
    99093 two-factor auth should not be considered enabled until the user provides a correct TOTP code during setup
    99095 NumberFormatException when ZCO sync happens
    99096 Exception in EnableTwoFactorAuthRequest
    99237 AUTH_FAILED error should be returned for incorrect password even when two-factor auth is enabled
    99455 Server should accept both TOTP and scratch codes in a single input
    99558 Make dh params default to 2048
    99574 ZSS: Unable to add any file to Sync and share dialog.shows “system failure: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/noggit/JSONParser”
    99590 Two-factor auth should not require the user password during the second step
    100161 2FA: AUTH_EXPIRED exception instead of TWO_FACTOR_AUTH_FAILED when a user enters an incorrect TOTP code
    100219 Mailbox service fails due to java.lang.RuntimeException: missing parameter mailboxd_keystore_password
    100411 2FA: ZM_TRUST_TOKEN cookie does not persist past browser restarts
    100498 zmjsprecompile broken
    100553 Update exception handling logic in Auth provider framework. AuthTokenException thrown by one auth provider causes problem to other auth providers
    100588 NullPointerException when logging in
    100643 Exception handling in HTML clients is broken with jetty 9.3.0
    101272 2FA: service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT when enabling 2FA from web-client.
    101395 OAuth authorization web view needs to mention OAuth consumer application name
    101627 Cannot login to zimbra mail web client
    102363 Translation files refer to outdated localconfig keys that were deleted for ZCS 8
    102707 AuthRequest documented ‘expiresTimeStamp’ attribute is not being respected
    102791 JUDASPRIEST build broken due to “error: exception ConsumerException is never thrown in body of corresponding try statement”
    103014 SOAP engine should log originating client port number and protocol
    103242 Port 7073 not accessible by saslauthd
    103347 LDAP attribute updates related to dhparam
    103498 getMtaAuthURL(server) should return the url with the port based on the ZCS version of the server
    104012 Autoprovision Eager mode fails against Novell NDS due to incompatible timestamp format
    104055 observing performance degrade from build to build for 8.7.0
    104094 Server code checks zimbraMtaAuthHost, which was deprecated in ZCS 8.6
    104097 Server code makes use of zimbraNewMailNotificationXXX attributes
    104107 Ldap master server order not honored while creating ldap connection pool.
    104148 2FA: 2FA cannot be enabled if the initial TOTP code is incorrect
    104236 All file uploads are broken in Admin UI (zimlet, certificate, migration wizard, license) because FileUploadServlet no longer supports csrfToken specified in multipart body
    104358 Can’t view shared folder messages
    104487 Revoking application specific code does not invalidate authentication in case of 2Factor authentication
    104666 empty line in html signature lost
    104766 Uncomment licensing check in 2FA extension
    104908 Enabling TwoFactorAuth results in 404 for account
    104984 favicon set through attribute zimbraSkinFavicon not shown in login page tab
    105029 Soap servlet should log CSRF related error at INFO level
    105057 2FA: Missing twoFactorAuthRequired tag in AuthResponse
    Other – Web Client
    67079 “Admin console” link in Admin’s ZWC has hardcoded port 7071
    92789 Split server: clicking on ‘Admin console’ link from ajax client of admin users redirects to :7071 port
    97040 “Create filter”, “Edit filter”, “Delete filter” buttons are missing
    97068 ZSS integration: Sharing a file publicly doesn’t change share settings
    97454 Script Error: a.addEventListener is not a function. Unable to share folder.
    97716 List view scrolls to top when scrolling down and the list is populated with more items
    98661 Need ability to destroy a dialog for security text
    99031 Preferences:Not Root tab group exception when accessing preferences tab
    99917 login page changes to deal with change in AuthResponse (no SOAP fault) when two-factor auth is enabled
    100290 2FA: Disable two-step authentication preference does not work
    100343 Windows RT – Web client hangs on loading screen
    100691 User not able to check/uncheck added zimlet from “Preferences>>Zimlet”
    101356 Script Error: g is null – Preferences_all.js:11876 while clicking on either Out of office/Trusted Addresses menu from Preferences Tab
    101681 While sharing a folder, user cannot enter anything in the email field
    101743 Right click menu action applied on previously selected folder instead of selected folder
    102433 Enter does nothing first time using new folder dialog
    103549 Script Error: this._customDlg is null – Preferences_all.js:8950: when not saving default duration and moving to another tab.
    103918 Remove UI chat code from ZCS
    97232 Mac Outlook 2011 requires 3DES or RC4 ciphers
    97886 Proxy disregarding valid upstreams because of incorrect version matching
    98383 nginx: pop3 login fails, invalid command error
    98678 Proxy service fails to start after a fresh install if zimbra-syncshare is selected
    98904 imap: incorrect BAD response – space missing after the tag
    99109 Proxy doesn’t listen on the ipv4 address when zimbraIPMode=both
    99279 Add SSL support to nginx’s zmlookup module
    99402 CAPABILITY list missing in IMAP login response when mailstore license is missing/invalid/expired
    99406 Automatically account for differences in zimbraReverseProxySSLToUpstreamEnabled and zimbraMailMode
    99727 zmprov garpb should display SSL port if enabled
    99882 proxy: imap login fails sometimes with route handler timed out errors
    99965 Rolling Upgrade: Proxy lookup fails when no 8.7+ mailstores exist
    102090 Enabling proxy for the admin console not working
    102297 If DNS is down, nginx.conf is filled with garbage, corrupting it
    103109 unable to access web client during upgrade of a separate mailstore
    103127 Proxy is pointing to the wrong error HTML file
    103399 update ssl_dhparam support in nginx templates
    103578 Nginx needs patching for 3 CVE’s
    103964 Setting zimbraReverseProxyLookupTarget to FALSE breaks proxy
    103989 Update zmproxyconfig to stop setting deprecated attributes
    104267 imap/pop still using 1024 bit DH keys
    104452 Fix SSL shutdown handling in nginx
    105162 Patch nginx against potential null pointer deref while handling temp file
    Search – Server
    77718 cannot modify immutable object error during reindex
    97791 GetShareNotificationsRequest doesn’t returns any results
    102796 JUDASPRIEST build failed because of “/ZimbraServer/src/java/com/zimbra/cs/index/analysis/HalfwidthKanaVoicedMappingFilter.java:38: error: unmappable character for encoding ASCII”
    Search – Web Client
    100414 Script Error: “t.getFocusMember is not a function” while click on Attachment filter from Search window
    100836 arrow keys not working in the search field inside search tab
    Standard HTML Client
    97292 Contact Ranking in Autocomplete result is reversed in standard and mobile HTML client
    97582 Print out of 1 hour meetings are displayed as 30 minute meeting
    100233 500- Internal Server Error while trying to login to Standard HTML client
    101966 HTML client: Row separator(horizontal bar) is missing in reading pane
    Tasks – Web Client
    96123 User wants to be able to use “/” and quotes in task titles
    97857 Delete functionality doesn’t work from tasks search window
    99353 Unable to create task
    99807 Arabic: user can’t create tasks
    100878 Added text gets removed from New Task Banner while pressing Down Arrow (‰ Ò) from keyboard
    101199 Can’t create task
    104770 Duplicate task created when quick adding task
    Unified Communications
    93620 Reinstate voice extensions and zimlets removed from 8.5.0 GA
    96727 CalDAV:Sending invite to external user sends 2 invitations
    94853 SMIME :Attachment gets removed from compose window while selecting ‘Don’t sign’ option and tried to attach any file.
    95628 S/MIME: not working with Firefox on Windows
    96587 Search broken, shows “Script Error: ZmItem.RESULTS_LIST[n] is not a function – Startup1_2_all.js:6423”
    96795 Upgrade removes LinkedIn zimlet but breaks exisiting images sourced from LinkedIn
    98793 S/MIME : Navigating Preferences -> Security throws script error (n.check is not a function)
    99748 S/Mime doesn’t work in IE 11 – Shows error “Java is not available”
    101975 Fix Voice zimlet for 8.6.0 and 8.7.0
    103182 Duplicate mails are sent if “mandatory spell check before sending ” and undo send zimlet both are enabled.
    Security Fixes
    Information about security fixes, security response policy and vulnerability rating classification are listed below. See the Zimbra Security Response Policy and the Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification information below for details.
    Bug ID Rating CVE Number CVSS Score Note
    98215 Minor CVE-2015-2249 4.3 Fix released in patch previously released
    98216 Minor CVE-2015-2249 4.3 Fix released in patch previously released
    98358 Minor CVE-2015-2249 4.3 Fix released in patch previously released
    99167 Minor CVE-2016-3402 2.6  
    99810 Minor CVE-2016-3401 3.5  
    99854 Minor CVE-2015-2249 3.5 Fix released in patch previously released
    100133 Minor CVE-2015-2249 3.5 Fix released in patch previously released
    100899 Major CVE-2016-3403 6.8  
    101435 Major CVE-2015-7609 6.4 Fix released in patch previously released
    101436 Minor CVE-2015-7609 2.6 Fix released in patch previously released
    101559 Minor CVE-2015-2249 3.5 Fix released in patch previously released
    101813 Minor CVE-2016-3408 4.3  
    102029 Minor CVE-2016-3414 4  
    102227 Major N/A 7.5  
    102276 Major CVE-2016-3415 5.8  
    102637 Minor CVE-2016-3409 4.3  
    103609 Minor CVE-2016-3411 3.5  
    103956 Minor CVE-2016-3410 4.3  
    103959 Minor CVE-2016-3404 4.3  
    103961 Minor CVE-2016-3405 4.3  
    103995 Minor CVE-2016-3410 4.3  
    103996 Minor CVE-2016-3413 2.6  
    103997 Minor CVE-2016-3412 3.5  
    104222 Minor CVE-2016-3407 4.3  
    104294 Minor CVE-2016-3406 2.6  
    104413 Minor CVE-2016-3412 3.5  
    104414 Minor CVE-2016-3412 3.5  
    104456 Minor CVE-2016-3406 2.6  
    104475 Minor CVE-2016-3410 4.3  
    104477 Minor CVE-2016-4019 4.3  
    104552 Minor CVE-2016-3999 4.3  
    104703 Minor CVE-2016-3999 4.3  
    104777 Minor CVE-2016-3412 3.5  
    104791 Minor CVE-2016-3412 3.5  
    104828 Minor CVE-2016-3405 4.3  
    104838 Minor CVE-2016-3410 4.3  
    104839 Minor CVE-2016-3410 4.3  
    104910 Minor CVE-2016-3407 3.5  
    105001 Minor CVE-2016-5721 4.3  
    105071 Minor CVE-2016-3407 4.3  
    105174 Minor CVE-2016-5721 2.1  
    105175 Minor CVE-2016-3407 2.1  
    Known Issues
    94614 Added Signature doesn’t get changed while editing Draft messages.
    100653 Inline images lost when user replies/forwards a message using touch client
    101111 Declined appointment instance from ZWC getting shown as accepted on organiser’s ZWC
    101148 mail.CANNOT_COPY error occurs when copying an appointment
    102577 Copying HTML table from IE and FF browser looses table formatting.
    102962 Post-upgrade required step for ZCS 8.7
    104128 zmhsm shows incorrect results
    104144 2fa:ReferenceError: AjxDebug is not defined when zimbraFeatureTwoFactorAuthRequired in multinode rolling upgrade environment
    104170 zmmailboxdctl is not running after same build upgrade to add mailstore .
    104485 service restart fails after using zmcertmgr with -allserver option
    104512 zimbraMtaRestriction values lost when using admin console
    104621 unable to access web client during upgrade of a separate mailstore
    104723 Keystore reset when openjdk-keystore package is reinstalled
    104836 optional attendees don’t get reminders
    104858 Multiple auth tokens for same account are registered in LDAP
    104896 {EXCHANGE}{VERSIONS} Server migration fails at mailbox logon when triggered against exchange 2016
    105056 Javascript error with 2FA enabled
    105171 <div><br data-mce-bogus=”1″></div> seen in the description field of calendar appointment
    105196 swatchdog alerts are tagged as spam when DKIM is in use
    105554 Getting service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT when setting up 2FA and entering password (if no 2FA license available)
    EWS known issues
    103953 Instance gets deleted when attendee added for rest of series through Calendar app on OS X El Capitan
    104199 Response of an already existing attendee gets reset when a new attendee is added by Organizer from Calendar app
    103941 Response of an instance(already responded) gets updated when series response is sent
    103981 when organiser adds new attendee to instances of a recurring meeting, some instances don’t sync on calendar app of the new attendee
    104129 Error in deleting a single attachment of an appointment with multiple attachments from calendar app
    103980 Response of an attendee to instances of recurring meeting getting reset when new attendee added to the instances
    101207 Calendar app: All Day recurring instance shifts to previous date when response arrives from attendee.
    100274 Updating Reminder/Alert of an appointment created in web client from EWS client does not reflect on ZWC
    101112 No auto response from location when added from Calendar app
    105034 Outlook 2016 Mac EWS expanding distribution list crashes Outlook
    100274 Updating Reminder/Alert of an appointment created in web client from EWS client does not reflect on ZWC
    102664 MacOutlook: Support various delegate operations Epic
    104363 Not able to configure account using 2 Factor Authentication application specific password on Outlook 16
    103372 EWS Sharing Functionality (Epic)
    101752 MacOutlook: Rules/Filters applied from ZWC are not synced to MacOutlook
    100973 MacOutlook: Meeting response received by Outlook from DL users does not get updated in Scheduling tab
    104363 Not able to configure account using 2 Factor Authentication application specific password on Outlook 16
    103372 EWS Sharing Functionality (Epic)
    101752 MacOutlook: Rules/Filters applied from ZWC are not synced to MacOutlook
    100973 MacOutlook: Meeting response received by Outlook from DL users does not get updated in Scheduling tab
    Tech Docs
    104158 Note that DSPAM is no longer shipped with Zimbra